Group: Semper Fi Team Honolulu Marathon

Semper Fi Team Honolulu Marathon

Support Through Sport - Run for Semper Fi Fund

DECEMBER 8, 2013

You must register for the Honolulu Marathon at: Events Online - Honolulu

Use the discount code to receive 50% off the registration fee - CODE: SEFIHON2013 

Create your fundraising page with IR4C and start your fundraising!

The Community Semper Fi Team consists of compassionate people who take the time andChili! initiative to compete in athletic events, host athletic events, and/or accomplish athletic feats while supporting the Semper Fi Fund. Because fundraising is a competitive endeavor, we consider all members of the Community Semper Fi Team, our Community Athletes!

By rallying communities in support of the Semper Fi Fund, Community Athletes show our injured and ill servicemen and women that they are not forgotten, and that "help is on the way." The funding and awareness that is raised by Community Athletes is an integral part of the support system that the Semper Fi Fund needs to accomplish its mission.

Community Athletes compete in marathons, triathlons, softball games, baseball games, football games, motorsports, golfing, biking, climbing, or even simply conduct a letter writing or fundraising campaign. They pledge to raise funds and awareness for the Semper Fi Fund throughout their generous efforts, and they usually have fun in the process!

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or participating in your first event, your efforts can make a difference in the quality of life for our nation's injured service members.


For more information contact the Race Coordinator Marianne Espinoza at

Join our Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes Facebook group for announcements, race photos, training and fundraising tips at Semper Fi Fund Facebook Page.

For more information on Semper Fi Fund, find us on the web at


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